Sewage Building Regulations

Building Regulations 2002 – Wastewater Treatment Systems and Cesspools – The Requirement H2

 The Biokube system has been designed to BS EN 12566 and is certified and tested to this European Standard in Denmark.

As such it fully complies with UK building regulations Part H2.

Any questions relating to building regulations should be directed to the building regulations inspector of your local council who will be in possession of the latest building regulations as they pertain currently.

Building regulations do change periodically and Waste Tech Environmental Ltd. are able to give advice with regard to building regulations as a matter of course.

Frequently Asked Questions about septic tanks and sewage plants. FAQ

The most common questions that we get asked are:

Q. What is the minimum distance from a building that a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment System can be?

A. Item 1.17 of the Building Regs. states; "Septic Tanks should be sited at least 7m from any habitable parts of the buildings, and preferably downslope."

Q. How large a septic tank do I require?

A. Item 1.18 states; "Septic tanks should have a capacity below the level of the invert of at least 2,700 litres for up to 4 users. The size should be increased by 180 litres per additional user."

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Q. Can soakaway crates be used for sewage and septic tank soakaways?

A. No, they can only be used for rainwater soakaways